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Play Sparks Learning

Developing Executive Functioning Skills in Young Children through Play Based Learning


Play sparks learning in all children. By planning intentional, engaging activities we can provide the opportunity for children to engage in meaningful conversation and practice social skills. Joy comes from children interacting with their peers in a collaborative way around a purposeful activity. These intentional opportunities will build language development, creativity, imagination and the ability to persevere through challenges as well as develop Executive Functioning skills in children.

Executive Functioning is your brain's management system to setting goals, planning and implementing. There are three main componetns of Executive Function: Working memory, Cognitive Flexibility and Inhibitory Control. This website provides information around what is executive functioning, how to promote skill development in young children and designing play purposefully in the classroom and at home to support academic success.

The site will  give an understanding of designing purposeful play, provide an area in which you can share ideas around play and  resources to support your play time with children.

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